If music is the soundtrack of life, how can it be the same sound all the time? By definition, there must be many musical moods and sonic landscapes to fit any interaction, anywhere.

Inspired by cinematic legends, this album is actually a collection of UN1SON Rockestrations for Film... fusing images, words, sound and motion into "Theater of the Mind" experiences. Just wait till you see the images your brain displays while emersed in the Soundtrack by UN1SON. Put on your headphones, turn off the lights and listen, with your eyes closed.

Now Playing

  • Gotham's Knight
  • Impossible Mission
  • Who's a Time Traveller
  • Steeplechase
  • Bond Suite Seven
  • Boldly Going Beyond

and more...

Video Album

The cinematic imagry illustrating the Soundtrack by UN1SON album is a collection of short ambitious films honoring some of our most revered celuloid heros.

This Home Video release of Sountrack by UN1SON offers silent film vignettes, edited to the music, paying homage to monumental characters like James Bond, Dr. Who?, Batman and others.

Concert Tour

This concert tour will promote the Album and Video Album, Soundtrack by UN1SON and will also promote the pre-production of the animated, feature length film, UN1SON: Anthrounification.

UN1SON music is best experienced live in a theatre where audiences go to sit, watch a show and be entertained. For this exact reason, this tour will focus on theatrical venues on college campuses and in college towns. Audiences will go to be entertained and will they will leave, knowing they've just been part of an amazing group experience and witnessed a performance by one of the hottest live bands in music history. This is UN1SON Live in Concert home video and album, will be shot and produced during this tour.


"Music and sound are 50% of the film experience"

- George Lucas

So much of the information and emotional impact in films, comes from the music and sound effects... that's the art that begins where the dialog and visuals leave off...

Soundtrack by UN1SON is a "Theater of the Mind Experience" which demonstrates exactly why UN1SON music would be so effective in your films. UN1SON music can express the widest possible range of emotions, environments, time periods and scenarios... ultimately, enhancing the power of your film.

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