This press release is courtesy of Creativity Unlimited. Note that the spelling of the title of the opera contains a one (1) instead of an 'i' ('Unison'). Also a caveat: the key word in the last paragraph is 'may'. Jon Anderson advised he has no plans to work with Patrick (though of course that, like everything else, is subject to change... 8-)


PATRICK MORAZ, keyboard genius of supergroups YES and MOODY BLUES, has started a musical collaboration with NYC based, singer/multi-media artist, RICK NEUHOFF on music for the rock opera, feature file, UN1SON.

RICK originally met PATRICK while at last September's YES FEST in MANHATTAN CENTER on 34th Street organized (sic). They spoke about a friend they have in common, the guitarist extrordinaire, RAY GOMEZ, who appeared on PATRICK's first two solo albums (THE STORY OF I and OUT IN THE SUN) and the conversation continued to the possibility of PATRICK being a musical guide or producer of the UN1SON ROCKESTRA Rick was building. Contact was maintained by PATRICK's manager, GARY DAVIS of THE OTHER ROAD and while PATRICK was in NYC performing two solo piano performances that RICK was promoting at the ALGER HOUSE MANSION in NoHo and at TRAMPS, 51 West 21st Street, the writing collaboration began on a wonderfully pure, 9 foot long Steinway, Hamburg-D, from PRO PIANO. Plans to finish the writing are for PATRICK and RICK to meet later this May in Los Angeles. While at the Alger House performance, the friendship between Patrick and Ray was rekindled and Ray displayed incredible guitar chops when he jammed with Patrick toward the end of the Tramps showcase.

UN1SON is a TALE OF ANTHROUNIFICATION, the coming together of all mankind. The story has science fiction elements, focuses on the delicate balance of interpersonal relationships and the importance of communication. UN1SON will be a full length feature film, producers such as GEORGE LUCAS and JAMES CAMERON are being approached. The music may be recorded by the members of the group YES that were on their album RELAYER in 1974 with PATRICK MORAZ. This line-up would feature Jon Anderson singing the role of the father and Rick Neuhoff singing the role of the son. A comic book is in the works to be packaged with the CD and there are hopes to take this muti-media extravaganza on a world tour.