John Abbey - Bass

David Bagsby - Soundscape

David is a very interesting guy. We met because we had both been involved with the Patrick Moraz Chat Tour.

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Ritchie Corbo - Bass, Taurus Pedals & Vocals

Eduardo DelSignore - Bass

With taste and grace, Del Signore's fingers offer up the bass-plucking equivalent of a United Nations conference.

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Pamela Fleming - Trumpet, Flugelhorn & Vocals

Pamela Fleming may not be a household name, but you will most likely recognize the names of at least a few of the musicians she has worked with.

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Dan Gibson - Keyboards

Raymond Gomez - Guitar

Raymond Gomez was recognized as a prodigy at fifteen years old. Ray has played with Stanley Clarke, both in his solo career and in Animal Logic with Stewart Copel.

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Andrew Hamilton - Guitar

Adam Lieb - Guitar

Mark Mandel - Percussion

Known in South Florida progressive, metal and jazz fusion circles to play just about any instrument you can put in his hands, Mark plays drums, plays keyboards and sings in an exciting new band called Gaia.

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Perry Montauredes - Keyboards & Vocals

Perry is multi-talented... a composer, vocalist, keyboardist, bassist, guitarist, Grammy nominated producer, screenwriter and actor.

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Patrick Moraz - Keyboards

Patrick is an absolute genius behind a piano, mellotron, synth or any other keyboard instrument he touches.

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Marc Morell - Comic Book Illustrations

Marc’s portfolio simply blew me away... His teqnique blurs the line between fine art and comic book illustration.

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Jordan Rudess - Keyboards

Jordan Rudess has the distinction of taking classical piano training at the Juilliard School of Music at nine years old.

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Keith Andrew Smith - Comic Book Ink

Jay Tausig - Flute, Didgeridoo & Vocals

Mark Tobie - Vocals

Rich Tozzoli - Guitar

Curt Vig - Guitar

When Curt was 11 or 12 his Mom bought him his first guitar from her tip money as a waitress. He started out as a bass player and learned to play guitar in Highschool.

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Wendy Vig - Poetry, Flute & Vocals

I first heard about Wendy Vig in Notes From the Edge, the official newsgroup focused on the band YES.

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Jeff Zudek - Guitar, 12 String & Steel

Jeff Zudek loves guitars and playing them, discovering the ideal sonic space for each different, appropriate sound...

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