Fountains of Gold

Fountains of Gold is a book of WendyPoems by Wendy Vig that was illustrated by Jon Anderson, the lead singer of YES.

Fountains of Gold is also UN1SON's debut album, featuring Jordan Rudess on keyboards, Raymond Gomez on guitar, Eduardo Del Signore on bass and Wendy Vig's poems are the lyrics.


"... these very sweet and simple poems .... are magical in the way they speak volumes, yet not many words appear in front of your eyes".

Wendy Vig met Jon Anderson, legendary lead singer of rock supergroup YES, while on America Online...

Wendy and Jon developed an online friendship over the course of two years... Wendy eMailing Jon poems every day... Jon responding with meaningful comments...

One day Jon expressed an interest in illustrating a book of her poetry were she to be published...

Fountains of Gold: a New Book of WendyPoems (Heaven Bone Press) is Jon Anderson's first published book of artwork and also the first time he has teamed up with poet Wendy Vig.

Jon's large sized, surreal floral landscapes are playful, vivid and uplifting; the abstract borders he painted specifically to frame each poem, give angular motion, bright color and life to Wendy's direct, simple, yet emotionally heartfelt poems. The entire book is beautiful and timeless.

Word on the street is that the book's pages are being sliced out of the spine and framed as gifts for loved ones or to decorate the walls of its readers homes. A new tradition of spiritually awakened artistic collaboration is upon us; The WendyPoems.


While working in the studio, recording the rock opera, UN1SON: Anthounification, Rick Neuhoff heard that Jon Anderson (lead vocalist of legendary rock supergroup, YES) had painted to illustrate a new book of poetry. Rick recognized 'the calling' and he contacted Wendy Vig, asking to use the poems Jon had illustrated as lyric, to record an album. Wendy loved the idea, work on the opera paused and the Fountains of Gold album was recorded with the assistance of several "special guests" also wishing to honor Jon...

  • Jordan Rudess - Keyboards
  • Perry Montauredes - Keyboards
  • Eduardo Del Signore - Bass
  • Ritchie Corbo - Bass
  • John Abbey - Bass
  • Raymond Gomez - Guitar
  • Rich Tozzoli - Guitar
  • Andrew Hamilton - Guitar
  • Jeff Zudek - Guitar
  • Adam Lieb - Guitar
  • Pam Fleming - Trumpet & Flugelhorn

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Concert Tour

This concert tour will promote the Album and Book, Fountains of Gold and will also promote the pre-production of the animated, feature length film, UN1SON: Anthrounification.

UN1SON music is best experienced live in a theatre where audiences go to sit, watch a show and be entertained. For this exact reason, this tour will focus on theatrical venues on college campuses and in college towns. Audiences will go to be entertained and will they will leave, knowing they've just been part of an amazing group experience and witnessed a performance by one of the hottest live bands in music history.

This is UN1SON Live in Concert home video and album, will be shot and produced during this tour.