Anthrounification is an inspirational story set in our near future, about a new type of patriot, a new type of hero...

The follow-up to UN1SON's debut album Fountains of Gold, this tale of Anthounification is a rock opera, a story told in song, a story dramatized through music... by UN1SON.

This is a story of an alien invasion of Earth and is also the story of a boy who grows up in a dysfunctional family, forms his values in an environment with little hope and 'comes of age' by doing whatever he can to make the world a better place.

Animated Film
The film UN1SON: Anthrounification is a world peace oriented, sci-fi story of an alien invasion and coming-of-age in a world full of uncertainties.

In today's global community, music is the voice of the common man... a media different than any newspaper, radio or TV broadcast. Along with the ability to communicate ideas to a large number of people comes a responsibility.

What will Earth be like a hundred years from now? The responsibility is ours to pave the way...

The character designs along with the 64 pages of artwork for the UN1SON: Anthounification Comic Book will be used as the storyboards to produce a feature length, animated film.

The full motion animation of UN1SON: Anthrounification will pay great attention to details, backgrounds and shadows.

Many well known guest vocalists are being considered for casting of different roles.

The cliché about the sound of UN1SON is that Rick Neuhoff is a musical chameleon... but when asked to categorize the sound of UN1SON, Rick said, "If music is the soundtrack of life, how can you possibly squeeze all that into a category? Life is full of emotions and experiences... I think music has to reflect that."

Approximately two thirds of Anthounification has already been recorded and produced. To hear some of the music for yourself, visit Experience.

The enhanced 2CD album will be packaged inside a 64 page, full color, prestige edition comic book with many features that real collectors will appreciate.

When the comic book is read while listening to the album, a "Theater-Of-The-Mind" experience is created. This same art will be used by animators and film makers to produce the feature length movie, UN1SON: Anthrounification.

Comic Book
When you listen to UN1SON's album Anthounification, follow along in the Comic Book to have your own "Theater-Of-The-Mind" experience.

Masterfully drawn by the pencil wielded by Marc Morrell, the enhanced 2 CD set will be packaged inside a 64 page "Prestige Collector's Edition" comic book. Inking was done by both Marc Morrell and Keith Andrew Smith. Rick Neuhoff has done the color.

A "Newstand Edition" comic tells the complete story over a three issue series.

Translated into all of Earth's major languages, International editions of the comic book will be available in countries throughout the world.

The artwork of this comic book also serves as the storyboards to produce the feature length animated film UN1SON: Anthrounification.

Set in our future, Anthrounification is the story of a boy who grows up in a dysfunctional family and comes of age in an immature world community.

What can one person really do to make the world a better place?

Concert Tour
This concert tour will promote the Album and Comic Book, UN1SON: Anthrounification and pre-promote the release of the feature length annimated film.

The Anthrounification Tour will be very theatrical for a rock concert but will certainly be more rock concert than Broadway play.

Focusing on theatrical venues, this touring multi-media spectacular will encorporate film, theatrical set design and lighting, fully choreographed theatrics and one of the hottest live bands in music history.

This is one rock show that they'll be talking about for years... be there! A UN1SON: Anthrounification Live in Concert home video will be shot and produced during this tour.

Interactive Game
The future of mankind is in your hands and it's up to you to find a way to cause world peace. Work with your network of alliances to tap into telecommunications and pull of the greatest hoax of all time... an alien invasion of planet Earth.

Thought provoking and controvertial, many types of relationships are explored as this inspirational story of patriotism and selfless heroism evolves.

anthro-, combining form, man; human being; human

uni-, combining form, one; having or made of only one

-fication, suffix, a making or doing (corresponding to verbs ending in -fy)

an-thro-u-ni-fi-ca-tion (an'thre yu ne fe ka'shun) noun 1. the variety in human existance reduced to its common denominator 2. recognizing that we are all one race of human beings; humanity united, getting past differences of race, religion, sex and politics 3. the result of this; state of being a unified humanity

Anthrounification is attainable.

What will you do when the moment is upon you?

What will the Earth be like a hundred years from now?

The responsibility is ours to pave the way... THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!